Below FAQ are some common asked questions. If you have questions in using Stemoscope PRO, please find the FAQs in the "DrStemo" app: Menu icon -> "Help" -> "Frequently asked questions". If you have other questions, please contact us.
There are three Stemoscope Models: Stemoscope, Stemoscope II and Stemoscope PRO.
Stemoscope is the legacy model that was not designed as a medical device. If you expect to use the device for non-medical purpose, for example, use the device to listen to heartbeat sounds for fun, you may choose this model.
Stemoscope II is the second generation of Stemoscope. It was designed as a formal medical device and cleared by FDA. Some hardware improvement was made compared with the legacy model. If you plan to use the device for medical purpose, you may choose this model.
Stemoscope PRO is the smart wireless stethoscope designed as a formal medical device and cleared by FDA. Compared with Stemoscope II, Stemoscope PRO has additional functions and features such as direct transmission to Bluetooth earphones and noise cancelling, and is more suitable for professional use. If you are healthcare professional, you may choose this model.
Stemoscope PRO is the best stethoscope in the world. Here are some highlights when comparison is made. Acoustically, Stemoscope PRO use the same mechanism similar to a traditional stethoscope to sense body sounds. The Stemoscope sounds can be more natual than other digital ones. Stemoscope PRO is Tubeless, Cordless and Wireless. Others either have tubes or still use cords. Tubless design eliminates ambient noise picked by tubes. No more neck strain. Stemoscope PRO is the only stethoscope that pairs with Bluetooth earphones directly. Phone or app is not a must when you use it. Stemoscope PRO is very compact and easy to keep. It is thinner than others. You can either put it in your pocket or hold it on a lanyard. More highlight was revealed by customers and please refer to cutomer reviews in the shopping page for reference.
This is no simple answer to this question because it depends on a lot of factors. 1. The capability to reproduce low-frequency auscultations sounds. Some hearing aids does not have such capability. Some require the change of program settings. This can be checked with simple hearing test in our page. 2. The Bluetooth type. Most earphones support Bluetooth Classic, but only a few Bluetooth hearing aids support that. Many Bluetooth hearing aids don't support Bluetooth Classic, so that Stemoscope PRO can't pair with them. Because of the limitations of the hearing aids, if you use hearing aids please do spend some time to go through this link (STEMOSCOPE PRO - BEST STETHOSCOPE FOR HEARING IMPAIRED), complete the hearing test and submit the form to contact us before you order.
A stable Bluetooth working distance depends on a lot of factors such as the environment and your phone. In a “busy” wireless environment where there are many phones and WIFI devices, the Bluetooth connection could be interfered. Our recommended working distance is 2 meters, within which Stemoscope normally works well based on our test. For the best Bluetooth performance, you may minimize the distance between your phone and Stemoscope and keep a line of sight between the device and the phone.
When a Stemoscope PRO or a Stemoscope II works with a phone, the battery can last 2 hours for continuous listening. Normally a listening session takes 1-2 minutes, so 2 hours means frequent charging is not necessary. Please switch it off to save the battery power. When Stemoscope PRO works with Bluetooth earphones, the battery can last 1.5 hours for continuous listening.
Stemoscope is designed from hardware to software to protect your data and privacy. Firstly, there is a physical switch on Stemoscope. When it is switched off, the power supply is cuff off physically and there is no opportunity for the Stemoscope to sense sounds when it is off. Secondly, the data transfer between a Stemoscope and your phone is encrypted.
No. Each time, a phone can only receive sounds from a single Stemoscope. If you want to record from multiple Stemoscopes, you may need to use multiple phones.
Yes. The Stemoscope provides many options for you to share or export the audio files.
The audio signals are saved in a non-compressed “.wav” file (PCM format).
Currently the App only runs on iOS and Android. If you want to connect Stemoscope PRO to your computer, you may use this Bluetooth adapter ( This Bluetooth adapter only supports Stemoscope PRO. If you want to connect Stemoscope or Stemoscope II to a computer, you need to use a phone/pad to bridge. By doing so, the Stemoscope transmits signals to your phone and the phone can transmit the processed signals to your computer via your phone audio jack and an audio cable.
No. The phone internal speaker can not output low-pitched (also called low-frequency or low-tone) sounds, which make up the major part of auscultation sounds such as heartbeat. Please use headphones or earphones to listen.
Stemoscope devices are just audio input devices like microphones. The audio quality is mainly determined by the output devices such as earphones/headphones. Obviously, earphones costing $200 can be very different from those costing $20. It is critical for you to have a good output device that can output auscultation sounds.
Earphones with balanced output are preferred, so that you can hear both low and mid frequency sounds. Most auscultation sounds are composed of low-frequency components. Some low-end earphones might not output bass sounds (low frequency sounds or low pitch sounds) well. However, earphones outputs too much low frequency sounds might make the auscultation sounds less crisp.
If you don't mind earphone size, headphone that can cover ears is recommended because it normally has a high output power.
For Bluetooth earphones, we recommend Apple AirPods Pro 2. Stemoscope PRO and AirPods Pro 2 work together perfectly ( If you look for a turn key solution, you can try our own Bluetooth earphones, but please don't expect they are as good as AirPods Pro. While for general wired earphones, the original earphones coming with the iPhones or Samsung phones also perform well. Please listen to the sample recordings to test the performance of your output devices. Please note that our ears are less sensitive to auscultation sounds because their frequencies/pitches/tones are low, so you need to increase the phone volume than normal when you listen to the sounds. If not loud enough, please increase the phone volume till the maximum is reached. Please note that when an Apple AirPods Pro is used to listen to Recording #1, the loudness is close to a traditional stethoscope for people with average hearing.
Recording #1 heartbeat sounds with default recording settings

Recording #2 heartbeat sounds with maximum volume boost
Yes. The Stemoscope devices have digital amplification (volume boost), When the volume boost is applied, the sounds can be much louder than traditional stethoscopes. Please note the loudness is also greatly affected by the earphones. A headphone is more louder than earphones.
Stemoscope PRO can only transmit sounds to one Bluetooth headset or one smartphone at the same time, but there are some options to share the sounds. If you want to do auscultation with two wireless headsets, there are three options:
1. Use this 1-to-3 streamer (
2. Switch on the Stemoscope PRO in Smartphone mode and transmit sounds to the DrStemo app. Get two headsets connected to the same smartphone, and then both headsets can hear the same sounds. Both Android and iPhone support dual headset mode.
3. Let one phone run DrStemo in a doctor account while another phone run DrStemo in a patient account. Make a video call in the DrStemo app and livestream the Stemoscope PRO sounds in the call. Auscultation sounds can be heard from headsets connected to these two phones separately.
If you want to do auscultation with more than two wireless headsets, you may try the combination of the above two options to have four wireless headsets work together.
Yes, but it depends on the Bluetooth speaker models. A woofer with power amplification is needed to output heart sounds that have low frequency (pitch or tone). Please talk to us if you want to use Stemoscope PRO this way. If you already have a Bluetooth speaker, you can play the following two sample recordings to check the capability of the speaker.
Recording #1 heartbeat sounds with default recording settings

Recording #2 heartbeat sounds with maximum volume boost
YES. The stethoscope should be wiped clean and disinfected with 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes.
An old-fashioned stethoscope is a stethoscope that has tubes or wires. It can be manual or digital. Normally an old-fashioned stethoscope is hung over the neck. Stemoscope PRO is tubeless and wireless, designed for the AirPods age.
For Stemoscope II and Stemoscope PRO, please use the "DrStemo" App, which is the companion app cleared by FDA as part of the medical devices.
For the legacy Stemoscope, please use the "Stemoscope" app, which is not a part of medical device.
Please be noted that Stemoscope II and PRO can not be used with the legacy "Stemoscope" app due to regulatory requirement.
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