Nowadays a virtual clinical visit is very popular. It is very convenient and saves time on the road. With the broadband internet, doctors can even see their patients in a video call. However, some doctors still prefer an office visit because they can check their patients physically with a stethoscope. Doctors can use stethoscope to learn the general information of heart conditions and breath system. Though a stethoscope is very simple, not so many medical tools can provide such comprehensive information. Now with our video telemedicine and tele-auscultation solution, virtual visits can create more values. 

The tele-auscultation concept is not new. It was even developed before the birth of the internet. However, technology challenges and ecosystem has prevented the wide deployment of tele-auscultation. We have solved all the technical challenges and made it ready to use.

  • Video call optimized for auscultation sounds transfer

Auscultation sounds have very different characteristics. General video calling platforms use a technology called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that is optimized to transfer voice other than auscultation sounds. Auscultation sounds can be devastated in the call. If the auscultation sounds and voice are transferred together, they may interfere with each other. The DrStemo app is optimized to give you the best tele-auscultation audio quality.

  • Organically integrated tele-auscultation procedure

In a video visit, the patient needs to hold and operate the stethoscope following the doctor’s guide. Patients and doctors need to have different user interface. The DrStemo app is optimized for both sides and streamlines the whole procedure, making both the doctor and the patient feel very natural to do a tele-auscultation during a video visit.

  • An affordable stethoscope

No matter how good the technology is, if it is too expensive, it will prevent wide adoption. Our Stemoscope II smart wireless stethoscope is very affordable for patients. 

It is worth to note that our video calling platform can be used for general video calling purpose. It is not necessary for a patient to own a Stemoscope device to answer a video call if tele-auscultation is not needed. Unlike other general purpose video calling platform, our video calling platform is optimized for virtual visit process.

Make your next virtual visit more than a video talk!

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