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Untether Your Auscultation Freedom

Say farewell to traditional stethoscope tubes that hinder your movements. With the Stemoscope PRO digital stethoscope, you're unburdened by cords, free to move effortlessly while maintaining precise auscultation. Elevate your practice and embrace the convenience of untethered auscultation, revolutionizing patient care with mobility and accuracy like never before.

The Stethoscope has evolved!

Video review by Dr. Carlo Oller, MD, Board certified Emergency Physician

TikTok video demo by Dr. Nora, board certified General Practitioner. The audio is muted by default. Unmute it or open TikTok to listen. Earphones (Earbuds with silicone tips or headphones) are needed!

@drnora Is this the #stethoscope of the #future? 🩺 #stemoscopepro #stemoscope #heartsounds #heartbeat #doctor #medicalstudent #fyp #littmann ♬ original sound - Dr Nora

DIRECT Earbud Pairing, Unlike Any Other

Two wireless modes of the Stemoscope PRO digital stethoscope

Unlike any other Bluetooth stethoscopes, Stemoscope PRO is the first digital stethoscope that can DIRECTLY pair with wireless earphones. Phone is not a must! No more tubes around the neck. No more neck strain or even pain. No more tube contamination. Easy to keep. Amplified sounds. Suitable for every healthcare professional in the wireless age!

👉 DIRECTLY STREAM TO BLUETOOTH EARPHONES: Phone is not a must. Wireless earbuds with silicone tips, noise-cancelling earbuds, or headphones are preferred. NOT for earbuds without silicone tips. NOT for bone conduction headphones. Earphones are not included in the product. Apple Airpods Pro is recommended. The non-Pro version Airpods don't work well because of their weak capability to output low-pitched sounds. Apple, a trailblazer in wireless technology, has transformed the way we listen and communicate. Now, paired with Stemoscope PRO, they are reshaping the healthcare landscape. This synergy creates a wireless stethoscope experience that redefines medical innovation. Embrace the future with Stemoscope PRO and Apple's wireless earbuds, where cutting-edge technology meets precision healthcare, offering unmatched clarity and convenience.

Stemoscope PRO digital stethoscope directly streams to airpods pro

👉 TUBELESS DESIGN FOR HYGIENE AND COMFORT: No tube contamination. No more neck strain. Easy to keep. Easy to clean. Minimize contamination by placing it inside a plastic bag or an exam glove for use.

👉 AMPLIFIED STETHOSCOPE: More than 100x Dual Boost Amplification. Good for hearing impaired or hard of hearing. The stethoscope with amplifier, together with the intrinsic amplification of wireless earphones, ensures the delivery of exceptionally clear and precise audio. Differing from wired earphones, wireless models are equipped with their own digital-to-analog converters (DACs) and amplifiers (AMPs), all powered by an internal battery. This setup enables them to output significantly more power. For enhanced amplification, select wireless earphones with a higher output power.

👉 ATTENUATE AMBIENT NOISE FOR CLARITY: Tubeless design eliminates ambient noise picked by stethoscope tubes. Using noise-cancelling earphones can attenuate ambient noise coming into ears. The full path noise attenuation provides the best digital auscultation experience.

👉 NATURAL AUSCULTATION SOUNDS: Unlike other digital stethoscopes, the sounds are natural and close to traditional stethoscope.

👉 COMPACT, ELEGANT and QUALITY MADE: Designed clean, simple, and straightforward. Easy to keep. Made of medical grade stainless steel and scratch resistant glass cover. A thinner device is more comfortable to carry in a pocket, as it reduces bulk and avoids creating a noticeable bulge. Explore the second product image for a comprehensive 360-degree view of the product.

👉 TWO BLUETOOTH MODES: Most Bluetooth stethoscopes from other brands only support Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Stemoscope PRO Bluetooth stethoscope supports both BLE and Bluetooth Classic. This Bluetooth stethoscope uses Bluetooth Classic protocol to pair with Bluetooth earphones.

👉 TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS: Stemoscope PRO is FDA-cleared. Used by more and more healthcare professionals: physicians, nurses, paramedics, respiratory therapists, anesthesiologist etc.

👉 FREE FEATURES OF THE APP: Visualize, record and save auscultation sounds; Listen with three audio filter modes: bell, diaphragm and extended range; Amplify the sounds with extra volume boost. To use your Stemoscope PRO with your phone or tablet, you must download the "DrStemo" app on a compatible device running at least Apple iOS 10, or at least Android OS 6.0.

👉 A UNIQUE ELECTRONIC STETHOSCOPE : If you are familiar with other electronic stethoscopes or digital stethoscopes, you will know that Stemoscope PRO is a very unique stethoscope, from its design to its functions.

👉 PREMIUM FEATURES OF THE APP: Auscultate your patients in a video call.

👉 KEEP PACE WITH THE TREND: When upgrading to a new stethoscope, choose the future, not the past. The Stemoscope PRO is a tubeless stethoscope that sets the trend, just as wireless earphones have become the standard. Don't get left behind with outdated technology.

👉 Enhance Your Stemoscope PRO Experience with Accessories:

The digital stethoscope for every healthcare professional:

✔️ Physicians & Nurses

  • Untethered auscultation freedom
  • Stethoscope amplification for clarity
  • Audio filter for heart and lung sounds
  • Ambient sound attenuation
  • No sticky necks
  • Amplified Korotkoff sounds in manual BP, no more entanglement

✔️ Anesthesiologists and Anesthetists

✔️ Healthcare Trainers

  • Teaching stethoscope by sharing earbuds with students
  • Amplification for easy hearing
  • Visualized audio waveform

✔️ Veterinarians

  • The veterinary stethoscope for Fear-Free Veterinary Medicine. Ask the pet parent to hold the Stemoscope PRO while the veterinarian is listening.
  • Engage your clients. Let your clients listen to the heartbeat of their lovely pets with you!

✔️ EMS/Paramedics

  • No toggles and cumbersome any more
  • Stream auscultation sounds to ambulance headset directly

✔️ Respiratory Therapists

  • Audio filter for respiratory sound clarity

For HEARING AIDS users and cochlear implant users, please go through this link to learn the compatibilities and capability of your hearing aids. It is crucial to test your hearing aids before order to make sure they have the capability to reproduce auscultation sounds.

USER MANUAL: "DrStemo" app -> upper left memu icon -> Help -> User manual

FAQs in using Stemoscope PRO:  "DrStemo" app -> upper left memu icon -> Help -> Frequently asked questions


When upgrading to a new stethoscope, choose the future, not the past. The Stemoscope PRO is a tubeless digital stethoscope that sets the trend, just as wireless earphones have become the standard. We transitioned from the beloved Nokia to sleek, keyless smartphones though Nokia worked very well in making calls. It's time to go tubeless with Stemoscope PRO. Don't get left behind with outdated technology.


Material: Stainless steel body and scratch resistant glass cover
Dimension: 42 mm (Diameter) x 14 mm (Thickness)
Weight: 56 gram
Bluetooth Classic: YES. Pairing with earphones
Bluetooth Low Energy: YES. Streaming to the DrStemo app
Digital Amplification: > 100x (highest vs no volume boost level)
Ambient Noise Cancellation: YES
App support: DrStemo app
Frequency range: 20 Hz - 2000 Hz
Charge port: USB Type C
Filter mode: Bell, Diaphragm & Extended range
Generic names of the product: digital stethoscope, Bluetooth stethoscope, electronic stethoscope, wireless stethoscope, tubeless stethoscope, smart stethoscope, amplified stethoscope, stethoscope with amplifier, electron stethoscope, blue tooth stethoscope, echo stethoscope, find more in the glossary page
Stemoscope PRO Professional Wireless Stethoscope - Digital Stethoscope - Bluetooth Stethoscope
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