Stemoscope PRO Precordial Stethoscope

The Untethered Bluetooth Precordial Stethoscope

A precordial stethoscope allows the anesthesiologist and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) to immediately detect changes in the rate and character of heart and breath sounds, and it often gives the first warning of a physiologic alteration (e.g., right main bronchial intubation, wheezing). Traditional precordial stethoscopes have long tubes and it is inconvenient for long time wearing.Thanks to the precordial stethoscope Bluetooth functionality, Stemoscope PRO provides you untethered auscultation freedom.

The Stemoscope PRO's wireless connectivity offers anesthesiologists and CRNAs a remarkable benefit: unrestricted mobility during precordial auscultation. This is particularly crucial for assessing cardiac sounds, as it allows clinicians to position the stethoscope accurately on different auscultation sites without any physical constraints. The Stemoscope PRO is a simple and effective means to assess the quality of heart sounds, rate, and rhythm, as well as breath sounds. A change in the intensity of heart sounds indicates a decrease in blood pressure and possibly cardiac output. The freedom of movement enables a comprehensive evaluation of the auscultatory findings that may be missed using traditional precordial stethoscopes.

Reviews From Happy Customers



As an anesthesiologist delivering sedation in office settings, it is nice to be untethered. The device works nicely with the AirPods in transparency mode. Haven’t tested battery life over 5 hours, up to that time, it has worked for me.


Very useful!

I do anesthesia for oral surgeries and have absolutely loved this! Im using it with Beats ear phones and its SO clear. Earphones definitely matter for clarity. My JBL headphones were not as clear sounding. I love being able to hear breath sounds during surgery on my older and younger patients.


Excellent product

I am a pediatric dentist and use this during moderate sedation to monitor the patients airway. The Bluetooth connection is amazing and allows me to move around the operatory uninhibited. I am able to listen through my headphones or if I want more spatial awareness I am able to connect it to a Bluetooth speaker. This allows me to better listen to other sounds while working while also allowing my assistants to listen. Amazing product!


Great precordial for anesthesia

Fantastic device. As a practicing CRNA I use it quite often for pediatric cases. I really like listening to breath sound??s during wake up. Adding another monitor keeps the pt that much more safe. Reducing reaction time to airway reactivity.
I like that the stethoscope has a lung or heart mode, and you can pair them with your phone/air pods or go directly to the AirPods.


Great addition!

A colleague had recommended this product as I was looking for a simple, reliable, cordless option to monitor breathing while patients are under anesthesia. I was impressed by the ease of set up, sound quality and range of the product. So much so that I purchased another for my partner.


Great Precordial Stethoscope use during open airway anesthesia/IV sedation

I'm an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon. IV anesthesia / open airway anesthesia is part of my daily routine. In my state, a precordial stethoscope is required during every procedure. I paired the stemoscope with an old smart phone. Every team member in the procedure room can hear the patient breathing and if they can't they intervene. It has made our practice safer. Contact me, and I'll set up a table at our next conference/meeting and show your product off for you. Great alternative to the analog earpiece and the only other electronic precordial stethoscope is corded, does not have an app, and is more expensive.

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