Pair with Your Wireless Earbuds or Transmit to Your Phone As You Want

No more around the neck in the way tubes. No more tube contamination. No more neck strain. Easy to disinfect the full device surface. Further minimize contamination by placing it inside a plastic bag or an exam glove for use. Unlike other Bluetooth stethoscope that provide only one stethoscope Bluetooth functions, Stemoscope PRO provides two stethoscope Bluetooth functions. Stemoscope PRO is the first Dual-Wireless-Mode electronic stethoscope designed for every healthcare professional. In Earphone Mode, Stemoscope PRO DIRECTLY streams to Wireless Earphones. Phone is not a must! In Smartphone Mode, the detected body sounds can be transmitted to a smartphone or tablet running the DrStemo app for further process. The compact design, precise machining stainless steel body, perfect mate of Bluetooth earphones, mobile app and noise cancelling functions provide you superb auscultation experience.

A Very Compact, Hygienic and Quality Made Stethoscope

Stemoscope PRO is designed clean, simple, and straightforward. Made of medical grade stainless steel and scratch resistant glass cover, which are only found in some very high end electronic devices such as iPhone 4, 12 and 13 series, the sleek device is vitalized by the cutting edge acoustic technologies.

Simple to use

When you simply want to auscultate your patient, just slide the switch to the left and you will hear the sounds through your Bluetooth earphones. No need to pull out your phone or start the app.

Easy to keep

Stemoscope PRO is compact and portable. You can keep it with you just like Bluetooth earbuds. Store it with this stethoscope bag or clip it on your lanyard with this stethoscope holder or this clear case.

Do more with the App

Visualized sound waveform, digital amplification, various audio filters, predefined recording spots, cloud storage, livestreaming and video telemedicine, all these are realized with the DrStemo app.

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