Stemoscope PRO, Professional smart wireless stethoscope – FDA cleared
Level UpΒ Your Stethoscope Game - YouTube Short byΒ Dr. Carlo Oller, MD, Board certified Emergency Physician Or watch a full demo by Dr. Carlo Oller STOP CLIPPING EARS AND FREE OUR NECK! Unlike old-fashioned digital stethoscope, Stemoscope PRO fully removes tubes...
Leather pocket Stemoscope PRO case with clasp
The pocket is made of crazy horse leatherΒ to hold your Stemoscope PRO. You can clasp your Stemoscope PRO to your lanyard or key chain. Crazy horse leather is full-grain leather that gets better and more beautiful with time and usage....
Stemoscope - Smart Listening Device - Listen to the Sound of Life
This model is not designed and manufactured as a medical device. For medical use, please order Stemoscope PRO or pre-order Stemoscope II. LISTEN TO THE SOUND OF LIFE – Hear, see, record and share the sound of life, be it...
Storage case - suitable for all the Stemoscope models
The storage case is suitable for all Stemoscope models. You can put your Stemoscope, a short strap and a set of earphones in this storage case. It is ideal to store a Stemoscope II or PRO with a set of...
TWS Bluetooth Ear Buds - Can work with Stemoscope PRO
This Bluetooth earbuds can be directly paired/connected with Stemoscope PRO. Therefore Stemoscope PRO can directly transmit sounds to this earbuds when the Stemoscope is used in Earphone Mode. This earbuds can also be used as general Bluetooth earphones that can...
Wearable straps - Make stemoscope wearable
Two straps with suck disks which can attach the straps to the Stemoscope. One short and one long. Short one is suitable for human arms and legs and small animals. Long one is suitable for human body like chest or...
Bluetooth adapter - stream Stemoscope PRO sounds to a computer
This Bluetooth adapter can receive sounds from Stemoscope PRO and then send the sounds to a computer with 3.5mm earphone jack. It does not support Stemoscope or Stemoscope II.
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