Stemoscope PRO Professional Wireless Stethoscope - Digital Stethoscope - Bluetooth Stethoscope
 Untether Your Auscultation Freedom Say farewell to traditional stethoscope tubes that hinder your movements. With the Stemoscope PRO digital stethoscope, you're unburdened by cords, free to move effortlessly while maintaining precise auscultation. Elevate your practice and embrace the convenience of...
Stemoscope II Personal Smart Wireless Stethoscope - Bluetooth Stethoscope - Digital Stethoscope
Stemoscope II is a FDA-cleared Bluetooth digital Stethoscope ideal for home use. It is the 2nd generation of the popular Stemoscope. Professionals please choose Stemoscope PRO. Hearing aids users please check the capability of your hearing aids by taking the...
Stemoscope - Smart Listening Device - Listen to the Sound of Life
This model is not designed and manufactured as a medical device. For medical use, please order Stemoscope PRO or pre-order Stemoscope II. Professionals please choose Stemoscope PRO. Hearing aids users please check the capability of your hearing aids by taking the mini hearing...
TWS Bluetooth Ear Buds - Can work with Stemoscope PRO
This Bluetooth earbuds can be directly paired/connected with Stemoscope PRO. Therefore Stemoscope PRO can directly transmit sounds to this earbuds when the Stemoscope is used in Earphone Mode. This earbuds can also be used as general Bluetooth earphones that can...
Genuine leather holder with a metal clasp for Stemoscope PRO
Elevate the protection and style of your Stemoscope PRO with our premium crazy horse leather pocket. Designed to age gracefully, this full-grain leather not only safeguards your device but also enhances its aesthetic appeal over time. Key Features: Versatile Attachment:...
Clear protective case with stainless steel snap hooks for Stemoscope PRO
Safeguard your cherished Stemoscope PRO with our transparent protective jelly case. Crafted from durable TPU, a material renowned for its resilience and commonly used in smartphone cases, this accessory ensures your digital stethoscope remains in pristine condition. Key Features: Versatile...
Storage bag - suitable for all the Stemoscope models
The stethoscope bag is suitable for all Stemoscope models. You can put your Stemoscope, a short strap and a set of earphones in this storage case. It is ideal to store a Stemoscope II or PRO with a set of Bluetooth...
Wearable straps - Make stemoscope wearable
Two straps with suck disks which can attach the straps to the Stemoscope. One short and one long. Short one is suitable for human arms and legs and small animals. Long one is suitable for human body like chest or...
Bluetooth adapter - stream Stemoscope PRO sounds to a computer
This Bluetooth adapter can receive sounds from Stemoscope PRO and then send the sounds to a computer with 3.5mm earphone jack. It does not support Stemoscope or Stemoscope II.  User Manual
Replacement Parts Such as Diaphragms or Retention Rings for Stemoscope Devices
If you need replacement parts for your devices, please contact us for pricing and shipping fees. You may send email to hello(at) or chat with us.
Stemoscope E-Gift Card: Unlock the Wonders of Life Sound
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Stemoscope E-Gift Card: Unlock the Wonders of Life Sound
Stemoscope E-Gift Card: Unlock the Wonders of Life Sound Give the gift of exploration and discovery with the Stemoscope E-Gift Card. This digital card is your ticket to unlocking the fascinating world of sounds that are often hidden from the...
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