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Stemoscope II Personal Smart Wireless Stethoscope - Bluetooth Stethoscope - Digital Stethoscope

Smart Wireless Stethoscope

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Stemoscope II is a FDA-cleared Bluetooth digital Stethoscope ideal for home use. It is the 2nd generation of the popular Stemoscope. Professionals please choose Stemoscope PRO. Hearing aids users please check the capability of your hearing aids by taking the mini hearing test and please don't assume your hearing aids are capable.

❤️ MONITOR PERSONAL HEALTH: Capture heart sounds and murmurs at home for your doctor to reference. Record lung sounds or other respiratory sounds to monitor your respiratory system.
😊 WORK FOR BOTH HUMANS AND PETS: Listen to and record the sound of life. Be it from your body and your pets. Send to your doctors or veterinarians for review.
🖖 SIMPLE TO USE AND KEEP: Simply put on your heart or lung to listen and record with the app. Take it with you on the go.
🎧 LISTEN WITH EARPHONES: Connect your earphones to your smartphone that runs the DrStemo app to listen. Smartphone is needed! Earbuds with silicone tips, noise-cancelling earbuds, or headphones are preferred. NOT for hearing aids. Earphones are not included. Smartphone speaker is not good at reproducing body sounds. Best with AirPods Pro. Regular AirPods is not capable to output heart sounds.

Hear Your Heart's Rhythms

Immerse yourself in the unique rhythms of your heart with Stemoscope. This intuitive device offers a simple way for you to listen to and record your heartbeat at home. Ideal for those curious about their cardiac health, it offers a unique opportunity to explore and understand the regular and irregular patterns of your heart’s 'lub-dub' right at home.

Explore 'Lub-Dubs' for Potential Murmurs

Stemoscope lets you listen closely to the 'lub-dubs' of your heart, opening up possibilities to notice potential murmurs - those subtle variations that might indicate health issues. It’s an invaluable asset for proactive health enthusiasts, enabling you to record these sounds and share them with your doctor for thorough analysis and peace of mind.

Monitor Respiratory Sounds

Stemoscope can capture a wide range of respiratory sounds, from the normal breathing patterns to potential abnormalities like wheezing or crackling, which can be indicative of various respiratory conditions. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals with chronic respiratory issues such as asthma or COPD, as it allows for regular monitoring of their lung sounds.

Listen to Life's Melodies

Stemoscope is a gateway to the sounds of life around you. It can be used to listen to the heartbeats of your loved ones or even the vital signs of your pets, offering a unique way to connect with those you care about, providing a heartwarming experience of hearing the rhythmic 'lub-dubs' of life in different forms. Whether it's for bonding with family, monitoring the health of your pets, or simply enjoying the symphony of life, the Stemoscope brings you closer to the subtle, yet profound sounds of existence.

Stemoscope II is COMPATIBLE WITH MOST POPULAR PHONES and TABLETS. To use your Stemoscope II, you must download the DrStemo app on a compatible device running at least Apple iOS 10.3.3, or at least Android OS 6.0.

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Stemoscope II Personal Smart Wireless Stethoscope - Bluetooth Stethoscope - Digital Stethoscope
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