Many people have some home medical devices such as thermometers, blood pressure monitors, ECGs, glucose test kits etc. Your next home medical device can be a Stemoscope II. Most of Stemoscope II functions can not be provided by other home medical devices listed above.

  • Capture comprehensive body sounds

Stemoscope II can capture comprehensive body sounds. 

  • Stemoscope II vs single lead ECG

Both Stemoscope II and single lead ECG can capture heart rhythm. Stemoscope II captures the heart rhythm by sounds while ECG by electrical signals. A healthcare professional can judge whether the heart rhythm is regular or irregular by listening to the recorded sounds or read the ECG graph. This information is useful for medical professionals to make diagnosis. However, Stemoscope II as a stethoscope can capture more information than a single lead ECG. For example, Stemoscope II can capture some heart murmurs, which could be related to some heart disease. When medical professionals listen to the sounds, they might get more comprehensive understanding of the heart conditions. Both Stemoscope II and single lead ECG are designed to be easy to use. Sometimes they are complementary to each other. If you own a single lead ECG, you can get a Stemoscope II to get more evidence of some heart conditions. If you have Stemoscope II, you can still get a single lead ECG to record the graphs of the heart electrical signals. In additional to heart conditions monitoring, Stemoscope II can also record respiratory sounds, which ECG can't capture.

Like other home medical devices such as a thermometer, you might not use it very frequently, but it is very valuable to own one in case you need it sometimes.

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