Stemoscope is the first generation Stemoscope device designed as a non-medical purpose smart listening device. You can use the device to enjoy the sound of life, be it from your body or your pets. The hardware is redesigned to provide better audio performance than the first generation. Stemoscope can detect the sounds transmit the sounds to a smartphone or tablet running the Stemoscope app for further process. The Sounds can be heard by earphones connected to the smartphone or tablet.

Discover body sounds

Body sounds are rich. You can hear lub-dub, lub-dub heart beat if the Stemoscope is placed on the heart. You can hear stomach growling or rumbling sounds when you digest the food. Discover the body sound world of you and your loved ones!

Discover your pet sounds

Pet's body sounds are different from human's. Purring or rumbling are unique. Normally their heart beat is faster because of their smaller body size. You may hear heart murmurs of a pet if the pet is senior, which could be linked to some health conditions.

STEM education

While discovering the sound of life, your kids can be inspired and their interests in STEM can be developed. They may finally develop a career of medicine, life science or engineering in the future, simply because they ever owned a Stemoscope.

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