If you are a healthcare professional, you can use the Stemoscope PRO and the companion DrStemo app in multiple ways.

Simply auscultate with modern Bluetooth earphones

As the best digital stethoscope, Stemoscope PRO can be seamlessly used with modern Bluetooth TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earphones such as Apple Airpods and Airpods Pro. It is the first Bluetooth stethoscope that can directly stream sounds to Bluetooth earphones. This is a key feature other digital stethoscopes do not provide. Therefore in the Earphone mode, no phone is required. When you want to auscultate a patient, you do not need to say: "Wait, let me pull out my phone…and start the app". Nowadays, Bluetooth earphones are comfortable to wear, you may wear them when you see your patient. By default, your Bluetooth earphones might be connected to your phone. When you switch on your Stemoscope PRO in the Earphone mode, the Stemoscope PRO will automatically connect your Bluetooth earphones and you can hear the auscultation sounds with your earphones. After auscultation, you should switch off the Stemoscope PRO and your Bluetooth earphones may be connected back to your phone automatically.

In noisy environment, the Stemoscope PRO supports ambient noise cancellation and attenuates the ambient noise. If your Bluetooth earphones also support noise cancellation, the best auscultation experience can be achieved.

Save a recording under a patient's name

When you auscultate a patient, you may want to make a recording, either for future reference or just as a medical record. In the app, you can save the recording under a patient name. The time and predefined auscultation spots are also saved. All the recordings are organized by patient names, so that later on it is easy for you to identify a recording.

Access the auscultation sounds recorded by your patient

Stemoscope PRO is designed for healthcare professionals while Stemoscope II is designed for patients. If your patients use Stemoscope II to make some recordings, you can access those recordings in the same DrStemo app. This is useful when your patients are using Stemoscope to monitor some health conditions. For example, your patient might capture some abnormal heart rhythm at home other than in your clinical office and provide solid evidence or clue for certain diseases.



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