Stream Every Heartbeat to Your Ears

Stemoscope captures your heartbeat and breath sounds, streaming them to the app on your smartphone via Bluetooth. From there, you can listen to these sounds through earphones connected to your phone. For the best experience, we recommend using wireless earbuds with silicone tips or high-quality headphones to hear the deep, rich tones of your heartbeat. Check out a sample heartbeat recording and test your earphones here.

Elevate Your Meditation Practice

Experience meditation like never before with Stemoscope designed to deepen your awareness and focus.

Position the Stemoscope to suit your preference

Using a Stemoscope to enhance meditation can be done in two common positions: the traditional seated meditation pose and lying down.

Hold it with your hand

For a quick and convenient meditation session, simply hold the Stemoscope against your chest with your hand.

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Wear it with the strap

For a longer meditation session, you can secure it with the wearable strap or attach it with medical grade adhesive.

Place it on your heart

If you prefer the lying down pose, gently place the Stemoscope on your chest and enjoy deeper relaxation.

Customer Reviews

Mindful Moments

Using the Stemoscope adds a new dimension to my meditation practice. Feeling my heartbeat keeps me grounded and present, amplifying the benefits of each session.
Rachel Thompson

Tuesday, Jan 9, 2024

Heartfelt Harmony

The Stemoscope's gentle rhythm guides my meditation, harmonizing mind and body effortlessly. A simple yet profound tool for inner peace.
Emily Turner

Tuesday, Mar 26, 2024

Soothing Sounds

With the Stemoscope, each heartbeat becomes a soothing melody, leading me to a state of deep serenity. A must-have for any meditation enthusiast!
Daniel Patel

Friday, Apr 5, 2024

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