Comparing Stemoscope, Stemoscope II and Stemoscope PRO


stemoscope trio: stemoscope smart listening device, stemoscope ii smart wireless stethoscope, stemoscope pro smart digital stethoscop

Stemoscope is a smart listening device. Stemoscope II and Stemoscope PRO are Smart Wireless Stethoscopes. Below is a comparison table.Β 

Feature/Model Stemoscope Stemoscope II Stemoscope PRO
Weight (g) 30 30 60
Diameter (mm) 38 38 42
Thickness (mm) 11 11 14
Body material Zinc alloy body,
Plastic cover
Zinc alloy body,
Plastic cover
Stainless steel body,
Glass screen
Frequency range 20-1000Hz 20-2000Hz 20-2000Hz
Noise cancelling ✘ ✘ βœ”
FDA Clearance N/A βœ” βœ”
Pairs with Bluetooth Earbuds ✘ ✘ βœ”
App support βœ” βœ” βœ”
Designed for Medical Purpose ✘ βœ” βœ”
Intended users General consumers General consumers Healthcare professionals


  • Posted on by Dr Stemo

    Hi Melissa,

    Thank you for your feedback! Very happy to learn Stemoscope PRO helps in your daily practice!

    Stemoscope Team

  • Posted on by Melissa
    I wear Oticon hearing aids that pair to my IPhone. When I connect Stemoscope Pro to my phone that connects to my hearing aids and I can hear B/P’s clearly. I work in a hospital taking approx 10 blood pressures an hour. This product is awesome!! Thank you for helping me to continue working with my hearing disability.
  • Posted on by Dr Stemo

    Hi Pieter, Yes. Some customers use Phonak hearing aids. Stemoscope PRO can pair with those hearing aids that support Bluetooth Classic. Besides the Bluetooth compatibility, you also need to check the audio capability of your hearing aids by listen to the sample recordings in this link:

  • Posted on by Pieter W Blankevoort
    Did you ever sell a β€œStemoscope” to somebody with β€œPhonac” hearing aid? Phonac hearing aids are produced by:

    Sonova AG.

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