Introducing Stemoscope II - Your Personal Smart Bluetooth Stethoscope

Stemoscope II Smart Bluetooth Wireless Stethoscope


We're beyond excited to introduce Stemoscope II, crafted meticulously for personal use. Listen to the sound of life with this Bluetooth wireless stethoscope right from the comfort of your home! People familiar with the Stemoscope brand know that Stemoscope is our first general Smart Listening Device designed for non-medical purpose. Stemoscope II is the second-generation version of Stemoscope, which is a Smart Wireless Stethoscope cleared by FDA.

Besides the difference in the intended use, Stemoscope II made another two major improvements compared with the first generation.

Improvement made in Stemsocope II

  • Wider frequency range

While the legacy stethoscope mainly senses sounds with a frequency range between 20 Hz and 1000 Hz, Stemoscope II extended the range to 2000 Hz. The increased frequency range allows more body sounds are captured.

  • More natural sounds

Acoustic and signal processing technology are improved in the design of Stemoscope II. The sounds become more natural, especially for the lung sounds. 

  • Medical grade app support
Stemoscope II supports the DrStemo app, the medical grade app specially designed for Stemoscope II and Stemoscope PRO.

    🌟 Why Stemoscope II is Your Perfect Home Companion?

    Both heart and lung sounds: Listen to and record your heart and lung sounds for a reference. Bring professional-grade clarity to your home.

    Cost-Effective: Experience advanced listening technology without the premium price of professional models.

    FDA Cleared: Stemoscope II is FDA cleared medical device.

    Stemoscope Series Comparison

    Stemoscope: Our original model, perfect for basic sound exploration.

    Stemoscope II: Enhanced for home use, educators, and enthusiasts with digital clarity, especially for lung sounds.

    Stemoscope PRO: Crafted for healthcare professionals requiring higher quality and advanced features.

    Whether you're exploring sounds for fun, education, or home health monitoring, Stemoscope II offers a significant upgrade from our original model, with the price lower than the PRO version.

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