Stemoscope in fighting COVID-19 disease


Our Stemoscope fans know that Stemoscope was born for general consumers to explore and discover the rich hidden sound of life. It is different from a stethoscope that is intended for use by only doctors and nurses. Of course there are some medical professionals who are our fans too. They may use it for teaching, sharing etc . However, have you imagined what can happen when Stemoscope meet doctors in such a special time? Most part of the world has suffered or is suffering from the pandemic COVID-19 disease. Doctors are using Stemoscope to fight COVID-19 disease now!

The COVID-19 is highly infectious and stethoscopes with tubes could cause cross infection among patients and medical professionals. It is impossible to use a stethoscope with tubes or wires because of the protective suit, as dressed by Dr Zhang in the above photo. Stemoscope is tubeness, wireless and wearable. Stemoscope was used by doctors in fighting COVID-19 disease in Wuhan. Dr Jan Taco te Gussinklo, who is also our Kickstarter backer, shared this story in his post, The story is also widely featured in China news medias including a TV news report, in which you can see how it works in ICU. Here is a link to the video on YouTube and we add some English subscripts to help you understand if you don’t speak Chinese. In the video, the breath sounds start from around the 16 seconds.

As a professional team, we designed and manufactured the Stemoscope with high quality in our mind, from stylish chromed metal to clear audio. We hope we can let you hear the most vivid and authentic sound of life.

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