Let’s listen to some life sound samples


We often receive inquiries about the audio quality of the Stemoscope. It is simple to give an easy answer but that might not be enough. Some people may have the experience in listening to the sound of life while others not. For example, some are medical professionals and they would compare the audio quality with the traditional stethoscopes they use every day. Some are just general users and they may be intrigued to listen to themselves or their loved ones but have never listened to the sound of life with a tool. People may have different expectations and usage models. Maybe the best way to answer is: Go ahead to listen to some sound samples recorded by others and make your own judgement. Here we summarize some sound samples mostly recorded by others on YouTube. Please don’t forget to put on your earphones – a phone speaker is normally not good at playing these life sounds.

1. Heart sounds recorded with Stemoscope VS Littman 3200 electronic stethoscope

Dr Nora is a physician in Australia. She made a great video review of Stemoscope. In the video, she recorded two pieces of heart sound samples. One is by Stemoscope while another by the classic Littman 3200 electronic stethoscope. She asked her fans which one is better. What is your answer?


2. Heart sounds of a gentleman

This gentleman from the YouTube channel “Hachel Hachel” likes to share his strong heartbeats with his fans. There are many heartbeat lovers in the world. The heartbeat sounds are very beautiful and soothing. You may feel very relaxed when you listen to the heartbeat sounds. If you plan to use Stemoscope to listen to a gentleman, you may reference this sound sample. Let’s enjoy the heartbeat of a healthy gentleman.

He even shared a heartbeat sound sample recorded with the Stemoscope placed on his stylish coat over his heart and you can still hear his strong heartbeat!

3. Heart sounds of a beautiful lady

Beautiful girl, beautiful heart! Sky Bruni is good at making ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response ) videos and attracted many ASMR lovers in her Youtube channel. There are many ideas to produce ASMR videos but heartbeat sound recordings are always among the most popular. You may find out the reason after you listen to them. Let’s enjoy her beautiful heartbeat sounds.

4. Tummy sounds of a beautiful lady

Some medical students find that tummy sounds are more interesting than heartbeat sounds. Unlike heartbeat sounds that are repeated tempos, tummy sounds are more complex. Every time when you listen you may hear very different sounds depending on what food you ate. Some medical students, when they become doctors and parents, play their stethoscopes this way with their children. This time let’s listen to the tummy sounds recorded by a beautiful lady. Can you tell what she ate?

5. Lung sounds of a gentleman

In case you want to hear a sample of lung sounds, here is one recorded by us. The extended range mode (20-1000Hz) is used.

6. Fetal heartbeat sounds of boy twins

Pregnancy is the most beautiful time of the life. Expecting parents want to listen to the most beautiful sounds in the world. It is not recommended to use a Stemoscope or a fetal Doppler to monitor the health of your baby because so many factors could affect whether and what you can hear. The ultrasounds of Fetal Dopplers may even hurt your baby if used improperly according to the FDA of United States. However, if you can hear the heartbeat of your baby, it is a good idea to save and share the most precious moment with a Stemoscope. Brenda is a mom of twin boys. She used Stemoscope to record the heartbeat of her boy twins during pregnancy. Let’s listen to the fetal heartbeat sounds she recorded.

7. Heartbeat of a dog

Heartbeat sounds are very soothing. This is true not only for humans but also for pets. So we made a long heartbeat recording with a dog’s heartbeat sounds recorded with a Stemoscope. It was played quite often by some pet parents to soothe their dogs. According to Susana who is a pet parent,

I tried a different heart beat sound and it made my puppy anxious but this one automatically helped…

You may let your dog have a try.

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