• Stemoscope PRO + AirPods Pro 2 = ❓

    Stemoscope PRO + AirPods Pro 2 = ❓

    Stemoscope PRO + AirPods Pro 2  = The Best Auscultation Experience   Stemoscope PRO is the best digital stethoscope that can sense very subtle body sounds. However, good sound output devices, viz. earphones are needed to play the sounds to our ears. The 2nd Generation AirPods Pro released in September 2022 can be the best mate for Stemoscope PRO to provide the best auscultation experience -...
  • Time to go tubeless!

    Time to go tubeless!

    Interestingly, earphones, or headphones and stethoscopes have the same origin. The earliest "headphone" was used to auscultate a patient. That is the only function of the "headphone", a stethoscope headphone. Earphones evolve fast The earphones have been advanced very quickly in recent years, from headphones to earphones, from wired earphones to Bluetooth wireless earphones, and from non-noise cancelling earphones to noise cancelling earphones. The...
  • Let’s listen to some life sound samples

    Let’s listen to some life sound samples

    We often receive inquiries about the audio quality of the Stemoscope. It is simple to give an easy answer but that might not be enough. Some people may have the experience in listening to the sound of life while others not. For example, some are medical professionals and they would compare the audio quality with the traditional stethoscopes they use every day. Some are...
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