Stemoscope PRO + AirPods Pro 2 = ❓


Stemoscope PRO + AirPods Pro 2  = The Best Auscultation Experience

 Stemoscope PRO electronic stethoscope best with AirPods Pro 2

(upgrade the firmware of your AirPods Pro 2 to the version 6B34 or later for Bluetooth compatibility)

Stemoscope PRO is the best digital stethoscope that can sense very subtle body sounds. However, good sound output devices, viz. earphones are needed to play the sounds to our ears. The 2nd Generation AirPods Pro released in September 2022 can be the best mate for Stemoscope PRO to provide the best auscultation experience - quiet, clear, loud and more importantly, comfortable auscultation. 

Stemoscope PRO and AirPods Pro have a similar design style

Stemoscope PRO is designed small, clean, simple, and straightforward. There is only one switch button that controls OFF/Earphone Mode/Smartphone Mode. The major part of the Stemoscope PRO is made of Stainless steel and scratch resistant glass, which are only found in very high end electronic devices, such as iPhone 4, 12 and 13 series. If you love Apple products, you will love Stemoscope PRO. When you put them together, you will find they are a perfect combo.

Pair Stemoscope PRO and AirPods Pro together

Stemoscope PRO and AirPods Pro 2 look like a good pair as explained above. Actually, they can be paired together! Remember Stemoscope PRO is the only dual mode wireless stethoscope in the world that can pair with Bluetooth earbuds and smartphones. Therefore, you can use Stemoscope PRO directly with your AirPods Pro. No need to pull out your iPhone.

Do auscultation quieter than ever

noise cancelling feature of Stemscope PRO digital stethoscope

When a traditional stethoscope is used for auscultation, ambient noise can be picked by the chestpiece, tubes and earpieces. To minimize ambient noise, the tubes are normally designed as thick as possible. The earpieces are snugged into ears very tightly to reduce the ambient noise coming into ears, inducing discomfort if worn too long time. Stemoscope PRO eliminated tubes and associate noise picking path. AirPods Pro 2 has excellent active noise cancelling function that can attenuate ambient noise greatly. Compared with the first generation AirPods Pro, the noise cancelling is improved by 2X according to Apple. Stemoscope PRO also has noise cancelling options and can be used in very noisy environment. All these work together to let you do quiet auscultation than ever.

Hear auscultation sounds clearly

Human body sounds are mainly made up with low frequency sound components. For instance, most of heart sounds have a frequency in the range of 20Hz - 200Hz. Compared with other electronic stethoscopes, Stemoscope PRO effectively senses low frequency sounds so that its sounds are clear and as natural as traditional stethoscope. AirPods Pro 2 and the first generation AirPods Pro has a balanced output. The low frequency bass sounds can be played very well. Therefore, the body sounds sensed by Stemoscope PRO can be perfectly output by AirPods Pro.

Amplify the sounds as you want

When Stemoscope PRO directly transmits sounds to Bluetooth earphones, there is no button on Stemoscope PRO to adjust the volume. Stemoscope PRO is a sound input device like a microphone. Microphones normally do not have buttons to adjust the volume, but speakers or earphones do. Compared with the 1st generation, the 2nd generation AirPods Pro has built in volume control. This makes volume adjustment very convenient. To turn the volume up or down, place your thumb on the stem of either AirPod, and use your index finger to swipe up or down on the Touch control. This is very useful because some patients have loud heart sounds while others not.

Comfortable auscultation

AirPods Pro is one of the best wearables because it is designed for long time wearing. You can wear the AirPods Pro for several hours and there is no discomfort. You can talk with your patients when you wear them because they have transparency mode. No need to take them off. It is hard to imagine you can wear a stethoscope for several hours. When you use AirPods Pro, you can simplify switch on Stemoscope PRO when you need to do auscultation, the Stemoscope PRO will connect the AirPods Pro automatically and start sounds transmission. After auscultation, just switch off the Stemoscope PRO, you even do not need to touch your AirPods Pro if you do not need to adjust volume.

It is time to say goodbye to stethoscope with tubes, not only because Stemoscope PRO is well designed, but also because everything is ready (Refer to our previous post This is almost impossible when there were no wireless earbuds like AirPods Pro. Stemoscope PRO and AirPods Pro 2, the dual pro combo provides you the best auscultation experience ever!

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  • Posted on by Dr Stemo

    Hi Toni, Yes. We tried a lot of earbuds. Generally, earbuds with silicone tips perform better than those without because they are louder and output more low-pitched sounds. Headphones also perform good because of their big size.

  • Posted on by Toni
    Have you tried the stemoscope with any other earbuds besides the Air Pods 2?

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