Digital Stethoscope Comparison: Stemoscope PRO vs. Littmann Core vs. Thinklabs One vs. Eko Core 500

comparing stemoscope pro digital stethoscope with littmann core eko core 500 and thinklabs one

People often wonder how the Stemoscope PRO digital stethoscope stacks up against its competitors. When it comes to audio quality, we're confident in asserting that the Stemoscope PRO is top-notch. However, other brands might claim their product is superior. Since audio quality is somewhat subjective and hard to quantify, we encourage you to check out customer reviews on the Stemoscope PRO digital stethoscope shopping page, where some users have shared their personal experiences.

In this blog, we'll focus on comparing objective features that are publicly available, giving you a clearer understanding of the similarities and differences between these models. This should help you make a well-informed decision. The comparison table below includes the Stemoscope PRO, Littmann Core, Thinklabs One, and Eko Core 500 digital stethoscopes. If you come across any information that seems inaccurate, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Feature Stemoscope PRO Thinklabs One Littmann Core Eko Core 500
Dimension Diameter: 42mm
Height: 14mm
Diameter: 46mm
Height: 28mm
690mm Long 690mm Long
Metal Used Medical Grade Stainless Steel Hand-Polished Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Weight 56g 50g 232g 186g
Charge Port Type C 3.5mm Jack Micro USB Type C
Bluetooth Classic Support
(Direct pairing with Wireless Earbuds)
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
(Connecting to a phone via Bluetooth)
Max Amplification* > x100* x100 x40 x40
Active Noise Cancellation YES NO YES YES


Based on the comparison, the Stemoscope PRO digital stethoscope stands out as a remarkable choice for those seeking a blend of innovation and convenience. With its slim and compact dimensions (diameter: 42mm, height: 12mm) and lightweight design (56g), it offers unparalleled portability. A thinner device is more comfortable to carry in a pocket, as it reduces bulk and avoids creating a noticeable bulge. The use of medical-grade stainless steel ensures durability and hygiene, making it suitable for professional medical environments. If aluminum was used instead of stainless steel, the manufacturing cost could be reduced by more than 15%! Most high quality traditional stethoscopes are also made of stainless steel because of its excellent acoustic performance. A standout feature of the Stemoscope PRO is its advanced connectivity options. It supports both Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), allowing for direct pairing with wireless earbuds and seamless connection to smartphones. This makes it an excellent choice for healthcare professionals who value the flexibility of wireless listening and the ease of integrating with mobile devices.

* Our amplification claim is based on the range of the lowest gain and highest gain settings. The lack of a clear baseline for amplification claims in digital stethoscopes can be confusing. Without specifying whether the amplification is compared to a traditional stethoscope (if a traditional stethoscope, what brand or model), the earphone model used in testing, the device's own lowest volume or gain, or another standard, it's difficult to gauge the true extent of the amplification. Additionally, the output power of the earphones and the presence of an amplifier and digital-to-analog converter (DAC) inside most wireless earphones do play a significant role in the overall amplification and sound quality. These factors can vary significantly between different earphone models and brands, further complicating the comparison. When evaluating the amplification claims of digital stethoscopes, it's important to consider these variables and how they might impact your experience. Testing the stethoscope with your preferred earphones in a real-world setting can provide a more accurate assessment of its amplification capabilities and sound quality. This hands-on approach can help you determine whether the device meets your needs and expectations.

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