Stemoscope - Smart Wireless Digital Bluetooth Stethoscope

Stemoscope PRO

Untethered Freedom

The Dual-Wireless-Mode Ambient Noise Cancelling Tubeless Stethoscope is designed for every healthcare professional in the digital age

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Stemoscope II

Health monitoring

Capture abnormal heart rhythms, respiratory sounds and heart murmurs at home and share with a doctor via the cloud

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The DrStemo App

Video Telemedicine

Video call is a basic requirement for a tele-visit, but that should not be all. Auscultate patients remotely and get more evidence for diagnosis

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Stemoscope PRO, Stemoscope II and the DrStemo app are digital electronic stethoscope cleared by FDA. Stemoscope PRO is the only digital electronic stethoscope in the world that pairs with Bluetooth earbuds. The legacy Stemocope and other apps are designed for non-medical purpose. No matter you are a healthcare professional or a personal user, you can find one model the most suitable for you. Make your own choice based on your need.

Apps for medical use and non-medical use

The medical grade app DrStemo is cleared by FDA along with Stemoscope II and PRO Bluetooth digital electronic stethoscopes. Install DrStemo if you use Stemoscope II or PRO. Another two non-medical apps are available for the legacy Stemoscope device.

DrStemo app

The DrStemo app is the medical grade digital stethoscope app cleared by FDA. When you use the stethoscope for medical purpose, please use this one.

Stemoscope app

The Stemoscope app is designed for non-medical purpose. It provides more freedom on the audio filtering and even pitch shift.

PetStemo app

If you want to record the body sounds of a pet, this app provides predefined pet body spots. It can also be used for pet medicine.

Stemoscope Media Wall


Since the launch of the first generation Stemoscope, many  users including physicians, pediatricians and medical students have used Stemoscopes. Here are some video reviews done by them.

"Have to say one of the most impressive features of the stemoscope is the quality of the sound..."

- Dr. Norah Sadek from Australia. She reviewed Stemoscope and compared it with Littmann Electronic Stethoscope 3200. She recorded two pieces of audio with Stemoscope and the 3200 respectively. Which one sounds better?

"I think it's the time to improve our stethoscopes and I think that this (Stemoscope) is the future."

- Dr. Marian Olpinski from Chicago. He reviewed Stemoscope and demonstrated its application in telemedicine.

"I wholeheartedly recommend it. I think it's a great product. I'm really impressed. It's rare that Kickstarter's kind of deliver on everything that they promise but credit to Stemoscope. I think they've really followed through with this one."

 - Ollie Burton, 2nd year medical student of University of Newcastle, UK

A Life long gadget

Life sounds are of great value across the whole life. Get a Stemoscope digital stethoscope or smart listening device and start to listen to the sound of life.

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